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2011 abortion numbers remain high: we must rethink attitudes to unborn life

After yet another rise in the number of abortions, the pro-life caring charity LIFE has insisted that we need better provision and promotion of alternatives to abortion for women in crisis pregnancy.

LIFE spokeswoman Michaela Aston said: "We should be shocked and concerned by these latest statistics, especially given the apparent decline in overall conception rates in 2011, which means that the proportion of all pregnancies that end in abortion has risen considerably. This is despite contraception being more widely available than ever before.”

“As a society, we are failing to cultivate respectful attitudes to life, and failing to promote positive and responsible attitudes to motherhood, family life and sexual relationships.”

“It is particularly disturbing that repeat abortions rose again, with 36% of women seeking abortion having had at least one previous abortion. This is a clear indication that the original intent and spirit of the Abortion Act is being widely flouted and ignored.”

“High abortion numbers are also concerning in the light of recent revelations about possible incompetence and malpractice in abortion clinics. We hope that the Department of Health and the Care Quality Commission will get to the bottom of these scandals as quickly as possible. The authorities must take these issues seriously, given what we know about the emotional and psychological consequences that many women experience after abortion.”

"Our hope for the future is that more women with crisis pregnancies are able to access LIFE's services - supported housing, life skills training and emotional support - and discover the many different options available to them, options that respect the dignity and value of everyone involved in the situation, whether parent or unborn child."

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