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Move now to stop Gender Selection Abortion

The shocking revelation by The Telegraph that abortions are being performed in the United Kingdom because the baby is the wrong gender shows the abortion industry has sunk to a new low.

LIFE Spokesman Mark Bhagwandin said: “This represents the culmination of years of abuse of the abortion laws in this country to the extent that the rate of abortion is one every three minutes.  The Telegraph investigation clearly shows that some abortion providers feel they can not only abuse, but also blatantly break the law. The shock expressed by the Health Secretary is noted. We now look forward to that being transformed into action to put an end to the constant abuse of the abortion law and ensure that those who break it face the full force of the law. Failure to do so will send the signal to an out-of-control industry that anything goes when it comes to the termination of the unborn. 

"The termination of girls inside the womb because they are the wrong gender is repulsive and should be condemned in the strongest terms.   Is the UK ready to be counted amongst the countries in which gender selection abortions, even though illegal, are nevertheless performed routinely?

"This must be the final straw. It is time to move swiftly and effectively to send a clear message that the few restrictions on abortion in the UK will not be mocked, and there is at least some protection for the unborn child whether it is a boy or a girl.”



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